Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Valuing Diversity, Inclusivity and Belonging

With seven active Employee Resource Groups and an Executive-led Inclusivity Council, C&F values the diverse voices of all our people. It is our mission to attract, retain and support diverse talent that is representative of different life experiences and educational levels, genders, races, sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds, religions, diverse abilities and age groups. Belonging@C&F highlights and celebrates our employees’ diverse and wide-ranging experiences, identities and opinions.


It is our mission to attract, retain and support talent that is representative of different life experiences and educational levels, genders, races, sexual orientations, abilities, age groups, cultures, religions and other backgrounds.

Through Belonging@C&F, our leadership and employees work collaboratively to share experiences, expand opportunities, and continue to increase Diversity, Equity & Inclusion throughout our organization. We encourage and enable all of our colleagues to bring their authentic selves to work and achieve their full potential.

Inclusivity Council

Our commitment to the spirit of diversity, equity and inclusivity is underscored by the establishment of our Inclusivity Council, which is comprised of a diverse group of cross-divisional senior leaders who are passionate about and committed to furthering these efforts.

The mission of the Inclusivity Council is to foster an environment that encourages increased diversity across the organization, establishes and advances a culture of equity and belonging, and amplifies each employee’s potential by making C&F a safe place for everyone.

Supporting Diversity Through Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) focus on women, LGBTQ+, AAPI, parents and caregivers, African Americans, LatinX, and those with disabilities themselves or at home. These groups have designed programming to educate employees about issues relevant to their communities and encourage allyship. Programming includes producing webinars and podcasts, hosting external speakers, and highlighting influential people during historical months and notable days.

C&F’s Employee Resource Groups

Advocates for Black Equity (ABES)

The Advocates for Black Equity Employee (ABES) ERG’s mission is to foster cultural awareness, networking, mentoring, and increased leadership opportunities with a focus on the recruitment, retention, professional development and advancement of Black employees at Crum & Forster.

C&F Pride Alliance 

The C&F Pride Alliance ERG focuses on the continued welfare and support of the C&F LGBTQ+ community and its allies through mentorship, education, and networking opportunities. It is our goal to create and maintain a safe and welcoming space that promotes authenticity and empowerment for all employees.

Somos C&F

The Somos ERG supports and encourages professionalism, philanthropy, and cultural intelligence both inside and outside of the company. We seek to raise awareness about the diversity within the Somos community. By engaging with employee and community stakeholders, we aim to provide leadership and mentorship opportunities for employees as well as tailored services to meet the evolving and growing needs of the Somos community.


Our mission is to unite veterans, active National Guard/Reserve members, military families, and allies within our organization. We create a supportive space that facilitates networking, mentoring, community outreach, career development, and recruiting initiatives. Through these connections, we enhance understanding and amplify support for veterans’ and military members’ unique perspectives, needs, and challenges.


Global Asian Pacific Islander (GAPI)

The Global Asian Pacific Islander ERG’s mission is to encourage an inclusive environment that creates opportunities and fosters the advancement of the GAPI community at C&F through education, mentoring, networking and allyship. It is our goal to raise awareness of the community’s diversity and its enrichment of American history and society.

Diverse Abilities

The mission of our Diverse Abilities ERG is committed to fostering an inclusive environment, offering a safe space for individuals with diverse abilities, caregivers/parents, as well as colleagues/allies. Through education, networking, and community engagement, we strive to shift perceptions, champion understanding and advocacy. Together we celebrate, empower, and inspire our diverse workforce to bring their best selves to work.

Women Amplifying Value and Equity (WAVE)

The WAVE ERG strives to create an inclusive environment and supports and encourages women to enhance their skills and succeed through networking, mentoring, and education, as well as giving back to other women through community engagement. WAVE is committed to building a community for women and their abilities, to come together with a shared purpose of championing the development, advancement, and retention of our talented women.