Premium Audit

The premium audit is a periodic review done by Crum & Forster on commercial insurance policies in order to make sure the estimated premium established at the beginning of your policy period accurately reflects the business operations as well as any changes in business operations that may have occurred since the policy was issued.

Audits will be completed on Workers’ Compensation policies, General Liability policies and other lines as well. State regulations require us to conduct premium audits of all Workers’ Compensation policies. Your premium is estimated based on information provided by you or your Agent prior to the start of your policy term. Because your business may change during the policy year, we will confirm your premium accurately reflects the state of your business operations over the policy term. During the premium audit process we will compare the original payroll, sales or other estimates against your actual payroll, sales or other actuals and business operations. Your participation is essential to calculate and confirm your final premium and may prevent unnecessary audit non-compliance charges.

Large or complex businesses typically require an in-person review of your accounting records and tax reports, while others may only require a completed policyholder’s report. To prepare for your audit, you will want to gather all of your payroll records and tax documents generated throughout your policy period.

If you have premium audit inquiries, please email