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A Powerful Tool for P&C Risk Management

At Crum & Forster, we understand the value of data. We’ve created an intuitive online platform that makes managing your account an empowering experience through a combination of data visualization and interactive reporting, so you can make more informed business decisions and take action where needed.

C&F Connect Marketplace is a proprietary Risk Management Information System (RMIS) for our policyholders and producers. A secure, web-based portal, C&F Connect Marketplace places the tools you need for loss runs, claims reporting and other interactive reports directly at your fingertips. Click here to request access.

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The C&F Connect Marketplace Advantage

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Convenient online access enables you to report claims 24/7 and generate reports on demand or schedule reports to run automatically anytime you select.

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Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to view, organize, output and distribute claims information and loss data with just a few keystrokes.

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An array of customizable reports and a selection of modules offers the functionality and flexibility you need. API integration is also available.

Report a Claim

First Notice of Loss

Accessible on any web-enabled device, C&F Connect Marketplace makes it fast and easy to submit claims online. Our claims reporting module enables you to Report a Claim anytime, 24/7, and attach files to the claim submission. Using real-time technology integrated with our claims system, you will receive a Claim Number, and a First Notice of Loss (FNOL) will be automatically created and emailed to the submitter (and any other email addresses specified). The C&F Connect portal also enables you to save claims not yet submitted, and it maintains a history of all claims that have been submitted by the individual user.

Report a Claim with C&F Connect Marketplace

Risk Management

Our risk management module provides users with dashboard summaries of aggregated financial and claims data for all policy years and all products associated with the account. Information is presented in tabular and graphical formats, and reports are easy to read, export, copy, print and email as needed. Features also include the ability to display demographic, financial and transactional data and other details at the individual claim level, as well as advanced searching and sorting capabilities using more than 20 filters (e.g., policy number, claim number, incurred amount, location, etc.).

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Loss Runs & Claims Reports

This module enables you to generate Loss Run Reports, from basic loss run summary and detail reports to more comprehensive loss data filtered by various criteria for the products and policy years associated with the account. Users may also specify the number of Top Causes to include in the report, such as Top Cause of Loss, Top Injury, etc. A range of customizable Claims Reports are also available, and all reports can either be run on demand or scheduled to be emailed to any recipient(s) on any desired frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually). Users can view and edit all reports that they have scheduled.

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C&F Connect Marketplace

Quick. Easy. Flexible.

To learn more about how C&F Connect Marketplace can help you or to request an online demo, please email [email protected].

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