A&H Regulatory & Compliance Support

& Tracking
Making Sense of Compliance Matters

Compliance with statutory and regulatory matters is critical for the insurance industry. We serve as the primary link for communications with regulatory agencies and help make sense of compliance matters for producers and partners.

Extensive Knowledge in a Broad Range of Regulatory & Compliance Matters
  • Market Conduct Management
  • Lobbying – working closely with all of the federal, state, and local regulatory entities on specific issues affecting the insurance industry.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with key regulators and other influential industry groups
  • Complaint Oversight
  • Marketing & Advertising Compliance
  • Research pertaining to all issues affecting the industry
  • Legislative Review & Risk Analysis – tracking trends and developing roadmaps for resolution of critical industry issues and communicating with our clients so they can be prepared
  • Producer Licensing & Appointments – to ensure compliance with various state licensing requirements.
  • Product Development, Product Filing Support and Product Implementation
  • Leverage relationships to vet new product ideas or new distribution channels
  • Training

Regulatory Affairs – A Value Added Service

Today’s market realities and the regulation around it have reshaped the need for a preemptive approach. We plan for change and work to create our future by turning change into opportunity, together with our partners.

The expertise of the A&H Division of C&F spans across a diverse portfolio of A&H and P&C insurance products and services. We have a robust, successful, results-driven regulatory & compliance team responsible for all aspects of federal and state regulatory compliance for a multi-state and multi-product insurance company. We provide guidance, solutions, education, and training on applicable laws and regulations in order to prevent or mitigate potential liabilities for your organization and ours.

Collaborative and Creative Solutions

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Shapes business strategy and direction

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Develops solutions and tools needed to support internal and external clients

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Anticipates possible regulatory outcomes and identify opportunities for risk mitigation

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Serves on key committees and liaise with industry stakeholders

Compliance and Advocacy

Our Risk Committee tracks trends and develops roadmaps for the resolution of critical industry issues. We work to understand relevant laws and regulations to ensure proper compliance among our internal and external constituents. Further, we advise on evolving regulatory developments and the environment that would affect current and proposed industry matters.

Additionally, C&F develops and maintains relationships with key regulators and other influential industry groups and utilizes these long-standing relationships to advocate on behalf of the industry. We also serve on key committees and liaise with key stakeholders.

Tracking Regulations

C&F monitors and tracks the regulations that you need to be aware of and keeps abreast of newly proposed laws and regulations as well as newly enacted laws. We help your organization and various functions within C&F, to understand these laws and regulations and ensure compliance. This includes preparing legislative summaries, white papers, and bulletins to allow for timely communication of regulatory changes. We help make sense of the increasing scope and complexities of regulations that are enforced for producers and partners.