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Crum & Forster is excited to partner with FIS Integrated Payables to provide our valued business partners with the opportunity to enroll in our electronic payments program. This program enables you to receive fast and easy payment via ACH or Virtual Credit Card. Accelerate your cash flow with our streamlined payment process. Benefits and enrollment details are included below.

Enroll Online for Electronic Payments

Benefits of Receiving Electronic Payments

clockReduces wait times associated with mailing and depositing checks.

check iconEliminates risk of lost or stolen checks.

Easy access to all paid invoices and other remittance information.

credit card iconAdded benefit of virtual credit card payments – no banking information is required.

Electronic Payment Enrollment: 5 Easy Steps

5 steps to bill pay

If you need assistance with online registration, please contact the Vendor Enrollment Support Team.

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General Questions
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Limitation of Use Disclaimer: Any business entity or individual charging a transaction processing fee for receipt of payments via credit card or virtual credit card is expressly prohibited from registering for virtual credit card payments. Any business entity or individual registering for virtual credit cards acknowledges and agrees that their election to receive payments via virtual credit card may be terminated at any time without warning. Eligibility for virtual credit card payments are further subject to any additional restrictions or limitations as may be established by Crum & Forster’s banking partners. All business entities and individuals registering for virtual credit card payments agree to indemnify and hold harmless Crum & Forster for ANY REASON relating to their election for payments via virtual credit card.