Wilfred “Wil” Desir

Outside Adjuster
Seneca Insurance

“The onboarding experience was seamless. Coming on during the pandemic, I had some apprehension leaving my prior employer. But Seneca told me that when it makes a commitment, it stands by it. They were so well-prepared, I had access to system, laptop, equipment, training and even online ‘ride-alongs’ with the team to learn the systems and applications. Within a week, I was setting up claims. I am grateful to them, IT and HR for making sure I was ready to go.

How has focusing on Professional Development and ‘owning’ your career helped drive success?

I am of the mindset that the one factor I can control is me, my engagement, my efforts, my contributions. I also recognize that these, when managed properly, result in advancement of both personal goals and that of our organization. I have always taken advantage of opportunities for cross-training. Recognizing opportunities when they come along is key, so is having a manager who recognizes the value of training and learning. We can never stop learning, and I consider myself a life-long learner. Whenever I have the opportunity to learn something new, I take advantage of it.

Was your career progression thoughtful, intentional or accidental?

My career progression is intentional. You must have an idea of the destination in order to know which direction to take,” he says. Previously, I was a social services fraud investigator, then a Casualty Fraud investigator in New York and New Jersey. The way I look at my life as a whole is to be good to others and those I come in contact with. My destination is that I definitely want to remain in insurance and move up. I love what I do, handling commercial property claims. When disaster happens, there is nothing better than getting people back on their feet and up and running again. It is definitely something I enjoy. I plan to continue helping those I come in contact with through my work in the Employee Resource Groups.

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