Susan Silfen

Senior VP, A&H Specialty Business Unit
Crum & Forster Accident & Health SVP, Specialty Business Unit

I was at a crossroads and had to make a decision. But with the positive structure and support from the C&F leadership, our whole team, and the organization, I was able to work, be productive and contribute – all while being able to dedicate the time needed to get my family in the right place.” 

As a VP of Specialty, Susan Silfen made a mid-career decision to stay home with her two young special needs sons (autism) and accepted a reduced position as an AVP.

For five years, Susan maintained this work structure and, when her home life stabilized, she came roaring back. Her fortitude and hard work allowed her to move back into the VP role, and continue on to her current position. In the meantime, she received incredible support and encouragement from the organization and her Division President.

Where has diversity and inclusion played a role in her career trajectory?

Insurance was a male-dominated profession, as with much of the financial industry, when I started,” she says. “However, I was fortunate to have male bosses who valued the importance of women in the workplace. The industry, C&F in particular, has made incredible strides over the years in the opportunity extended to professional women. Our Division has women in three of the five senior leadership positions. It’s a positive indication of where the industry continues to move.”

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