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Small Business Team Comes Through With Coverage in 48 Hours from Request to Bind

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A long-term broker partner reached out to the C&F Surplus & Specialty Small Business Team with a rush request. The account, a residential plumber in Texas, needed coverage within 48 hours of the request and the C&F team had to respond rapidly:

  • 2/27, 10:30 AM: C&F received the initial request
  • 2/27: 1:30 PM: Underwriter Daniel Thomas had the account reviewed and followed up with the broker for more information
  • 2/28, 2:00 PM: The broker responded with the requested information
  • 2/28, 2:45 PM: C&F delivered a quote
  • 2/28, 3:30 PM: Received approval to bind

In just 48 hours, C&F Underwriter Daniel Thomas and his team responded rapidly to deliver a comprehensive policy in time and on deadline.

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Andy Swenson
Senior Vice President
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Mark Herrington
Vice President
Surplus & Specialty Small Business Team

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