Investment Advisors & Funds

Management & Professional Liability Insurance

The investment industry is operating in an increasingly volatile environment under intense scrutiny. When investment decisions yield lower than expected returns, investment advisors and fund management may become the targets of investigations and litigation. That’s why Crum & Forster offers a specialized insurance solution for investment advisors, mutual funds and private funds.

Our Platinum Protection for Investment Advisors & Funds brings together a full array of Management & Professional Liability coverages into a single, modular policy to provide exactly the protection you need. To learn more, download our Financial Institutions product sheet or contact our underwriters.

What’s Driving Growth and Challenges for Financial Institutions?

Financial Institutions, from those providing services to those providing products, are facing numerous challenges and changes:

  • New apps and websites that increase the scale and reach of financial products
  • Changing customer profiles and expectations
  • AI and analytics that can shape underwriting and investment strategy decisions
  • An increase in remote workers
  • Cyber threats that can impact business continuity and resiliency

Mahshameen Ahmad, SVP of Middle Market Solutions, Michael Johnson, Regional VP for Middle Market Solutions, Blair Bartlett, Vice President of Financial Institutions and Nick Economidis, SVP of eRisk, discuss the issues facing this rapidly growing sector and how insurance carriers can effectively partner with financial institutions to help them understand and mitigate risk.

Check out their conversation.

Featured Article

Real EstateWill Real Estate be the Next Victim of Rising Interest Rates?
– Written by Blair Bartlett

Since the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) occurred in early March, there has been much deliberation about the root cause that led to its failure. Poor risk management, inadequate regulatory oversight, social media activity, and an ensuing lack of confidence spurring depositors to withdraw their cash from the bank have all been cited as contributing factors. Read the article and watch Blair’s interview with  Business Insurance.

Insurance for Investment
Advisors & Funds

A customizable product designed specifically for:

  • Registered investment advisors
  • Mutual funds
  • Private funds (hedge funds, PE/VC funds, real estate funds)
  • Appetite for Primary
    • Registered advisors < $5 billion AUM
    • Mutual / Private funds < $2 billion AUM


  • Investment Advisor Professional Liability
  • Investment Advisor Management Liability
  • Investment Fund Management & Professional Liability
  • Service Provider Professional Liability
  • Private Fund Management & Professional Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Fiduciary Liability


  • Primary / Excess: $5,000,000

For details, please see our Financial Institutions product sheet or contact our underwriters.

This overview is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a representation of coverage that may exist in any particular situation under a policy issued by one of the companies within Crum & Forster. All conditions of coverage, terms and limitations are defined and provided for in the policy.