Pay Bill: Terms & Conditions

If you elect to pay your premium bill using Crum & Forster’s on-line payment process, the following terms and conditions apply:

  • Crum & Forster has contracted with JP Morgan Chase (“Chase”) to process on-line bill payments through Chase’s Pay Connexion system. You will be directed to the Chase on-line payment system by clicking on the attached link. The Pay Connexion website is not maintained or controlled by Crum & Forster. This link is provided solely for your convenience. We recommend that you take the time to read the privacy policy and user agreements of the Pay Connexion website.
  • In order to make on-line payments, you will be required to register in the Pay Connexion website. As part of the registration process, you will be asked to create an identification code (“User ID”) and a password for access. Upon entering the Pay Connexion website you may be asked to provide your bank account and routing numbers, and other information deemed necessary by Chase to process your on-line payment.
  • Crum & Forster provides minimal information to Chase to assist in the enrollment for the Pay Connexion website. Crum & Forster will not be given access to your User ID, password, or any of the information that you provide to Chase. Crum & Forster will of course be given information from Chase regarding the amount and status of your payments.
  • In accessing the Pay Connexion website, you agree that:
    • Crum & Forster is not responsible or liable for the storage, use, maintenance or handling by Chase of your User ID, password, or any of the other information you provide to Chase.
    • Funds are credited to your account based upon when payments are received by Chase.
  • Payment on a cancelled policy does not constitute reinstatement of the policy.
    • If a cancellation is pending, unless full payment is received prior to the cancellation effective date the policy will cancel for non-payment of premiums.
    • Should payment be returned for insufficient funds or account closed, a processing fee may be imposed by Chase.

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