Kathleen De Riso Post on USTOA Travel Blog

June 3, 2024

Kathleen A. De Riso, VP, Travel Services, Crum & Forster, posted Adventure Travel Awaits: 5 Steps to Prepare Like a Pro on the United States Tour Operators Association travel blog:

Sand surfing in the Sahara. Sleeping under the northern lights. Rock climbing in Yosemite. Today’s travelers seek one-of-a-kind experiences as they explore the world. Thanks to millennials and Gen Z, adventure tourism is surging in popularity, with the global market growing 20 percent year over year.

While thrill-seeking cliff dives or bungee jumps may be the first things that come to mind, today’s adventure travel is much more diverse. If you’re looking for highly personalized, memory-making travel experiences that include physical activities, immersion in another culture, or spending time in nature, you’re an adventure traveler!

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