Debi Ryan

Digital Manager
Crum & Forster Surplus & Specialty Lines

“The support I have received over the years has been incredible, and it has allowed me to jump in and try different things – all supported by the company. I have worn many hats and have trained for various career paths. I try not to be the only one who knows something such as a software application or database. But I try to be the best at it.

 How has focusing on Professional Development and ‘owning’ your career helped drive success?

“On every project I worked on, there has always been an opportunity to indulge in training. I’m the database manager for some of our applications, and I have always taken classes that instill what I needed to learn. That’s important in order to be able to develop and be successful. I have also taken outside classes and I have led a lot of end-user training for offices rolling out new software applications. There is always something to learn.

Was your career progression thoughtful, intentional, or accidental?

“Getting my first job at age 17, was definitely accidental. However, based on the management leadership and support I have had, the work quickly turned intentional. The more I learned, the more I grew. I picked up things reading and learning that have helped me throughout my career. In my early years, Crum & Forster wasn’t the size it is today, so had the opportunity to try many new and different things. We grew together.

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