Workers’ Compensation Claim Kit – Oregon

Who will handle your claims?

Oregon claims are handled by a Third Party Administrator:

Broadspire, a Crawford company
12725 SW 66th Ave., Suite 207
Portland, OR 97223

Phone: 503-372-3000
Toll-Free: 800-452-9405
Fax: 770-777-6405

Billing Address:
PO Box 14348
Lexington, KY  40512-4348

The state of Oregon requires that the adjusters handling Oregon claims be located in the state of Oregon.

How to report Workers’ Compensation claims?

Although Broadspire handles our Oregon claims, the claims should be reported to the Dallas Office located via:

Fax: 1-877-622-6218
Phone: 1-800-690-5520
(7 day/24 hour toll free reporting line for all states)

In the event of a serious or fatal injury, notify the local claim office immediately by telephone.
Phone: (800)527-5531
Mike Hicks, AVP

What forms does the employer need to be aware of?

801 – Report of Job Injury or Illness

This form should be completed when a job injury or illness occurs. Copies of the form should be given to the employee, and insurance carrier. The employer should keep a copy for their file.

Form in English Form in Spanish

OR-Report of Job Injury or Illness | OR-Report of Job Injury or Illness Spanish

3283 – A Guide for Workers Recently Hurt on the Job

Information page given to the worker by the employer as soon as worker completes Form 801.

OR-Guide for Workers Recently Hurt | OR-Guide for Workers Recently Hurt Spanish

1138 – “What happens if I am hurt on the job?” – The insurer must provide the pamphlet (Form 1138) to every injured worker who has a disabling injury or disease claim with the first time-loss check or earliest written correspondence. Distribution of Form 1138 for a non-disabling claim is not required unless requested by the worker.

What is the Waiting Period for Lost Wages in Oregon?
The waiting period is 3 days. If the employee is off for more than 2 weeks, the first 3 days are paid retroactively.

What is the Choice of Physician Rules in Oregon?
Employee chooses without restriction.

Important Websites:

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