Stop Loss & Excess Medical

Tailored Stop Loss Solutions

Employers or employer groups who choose to self-fund their employee health plan can find the tailored Specific Stop Loss and Aggregate Stop Loss solutions they need from Crum & Forster.  Our flexible, tailored solutions help employers:

  • Protect themselves from high-cost claims as well as aggregate costs from frequent claims;
  • Create the stop loss solution that’s right for their specific situation;
  • Leverage our Clinical Risk expertise for guidance on complex medical situations and to help achieve excellent outcomes and optimal savings; and
  • Benefit from Crum & Forster’s financial strength and long-term commitment to this market.

Learn more about how we can work with you to tailor a Stop Loss solution for you.

International stop loss coverage, Provider Excess of Loss, HMO reinsurance and Medical Excess Reinsurance are also available.



Brian Miller
SVP, Direct Employer Stop Loss

Marc Flood
VP, Business Development

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Provider Excess of Loss

Specific excess of loss coverage is provided to capitated physician groups, hospital groups and health plans.

Coverage is available for commercial, Medicare and Medicaid lives.

HMO Reinsurance

Specific excess of loss coverage and continuation of coverage is provided to HMOs and risk-taking health plans.

Coverage is available for commercial, Medicare and Medicaid lives.

Medical Excess Reinsurance

Excess of loss coverage is available to fully insured medical and employer stop loss insurance portfolios, and captive insurance arrangements.

International coverage is also available.

Products may vary and may not be available in all states.


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