Financial Highlights

The Crum & Forster companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of Crum & Forster Holdings Corp., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited (Toronto: FFH.TO).

Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited is a financial services holding company whose corporate objective is to achieve a high rate of return on invested capital and build long-term shareholder value. Click here for Fairfax’s Annual Reports.

Crum & Forster Holdings Corp.
(US$ in Millions; IFRS Basis unless otherwise noted)
Ended 12/31/2019
Three Months
Ended 12/31/20191
Ended 12/31/2018
Three Months
Ended 12/31/20181
Gross Premiums Written $2,827.8 $727.0 $2,363.1 $558.2
Net Income (Loss) $167.1 ($10.7) ($43.5) ($102.8)
Combined Ratio 97.6% 97.4% 98.3% 97.1%
As of 12/31/20191 As of 12/31/2018
Shareholder’s Equity $1,752.2 $1,544.0
Statutory Surplus $1,406.1 $1,317.7
1 Unaudited


IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards.

Shareholder’s Equity – A firm’s total assets minus its total liabilities.

Gross Premiums Written – Premiums registered on the books at the time a policy is issued on a gross basis (before deductions of costs, such as reinsurance).

Net Income – Net (loss) income is calculated by taking revenues and adjusting for the cost of doing business, interest, taxes and other expenses.

Combined Ratio – The sum of two ratios: loss ratio and LAE ratio is calculated by dividing incurred losses plus loss adjustment expense (LAE) by premiums earned (the calendar year loss ratio); and expense ratio is calculated by dividing underwriting expenses by premiums written.

Statutory Surplus – An insurance company’s total assets minus its total liabilities, both computed under accounting principles prescribed or permitted by state insurance regulatory authorities.


Investment Portfolio

Total Investments & Cash $4.5 Billion at 12/31/2019


  • High quality portfolio with ample liquidity
  • Duration of bond portfolio is 3 years (including cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments)
  • Securities rated ‘A’ or higher make up 61% of our fixed income portfolio


Financial Strength Ratings

A.M. Best S&P
United States Fire Insurance Company A A-
The North River Insurance Company A A-
First Mercury Insurance Company A A-
Crum and Forster Insurance Company A A-
Crum & Forster Indemnity Company A A-
Crum & Forster Specialty Insurance Company A A-
Seneca Insurance Company, Inc. A A-
Seneca Specialty Insurance Company A A-
American Underwriters Insurance Company A A-


United States Fire Insurance Company, The North River Insurance Company, First Mercury Insurance Company, Crum and Forster Insurance Company, Crum & Forster Indemnity Company, Crum & Forster Specialty Insurance Company, Seneca Insurance Company, Inc., Seneca Specialty Insurance Company, and American Underwriters Insurance Company are rated “A” (Excellent) with a stable outlook by A.M. Best Company and share a Financial Size Category of Class XIII. The same companies are rated “A-” (Strong) with a positive outlook by Standard & Poor’s.