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Avoiding Deer Strikes
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Backing Accidents
Black Ice
Blind Spots & Mirror Adjustment
Cargo Tank Rollover
Construction Zone Safety
Distracted Driving
Distracted Driving 10-Minute Training Topic Presentation
Driver Training
Driving on Snow and Ice
Drowsy Driving 10-Minute Training Topic Presentation
Emergency Equipment
FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse
Fatigue Management
Fleet Cameras (in partnership with Rosco Vision)
Following Distance – Weather Related
Following Distance
Following Distance, Semi, Weather Exposure
Follow Too Close General
Follow Too Close Weather Bobtail
Guide to Determining Accident Preventability
Hazard Warning Devices
In Vehicle Cameras
Intersection Safety
Motorcycle Safety
Parking Lot Collisions
Planning for Adverse Weather
Preventing Cargo and Equipment Theft
Preventing Rear-End Collisions
Private Bridge Crossings
Public Auto
Railroad Crossing Safety
Running Red Lights
Safe Following Distance Spanish
Safety First Rollovers
Safety History Records Request Form
School Bus Safety
Summer Driving
Texting and Driving
Weather Retail Semi Tanker
Weather-Transportation – Coach
Weather-Transportation – Semi Tractor
Winter Driving
Work Zone Crashes


Vehicle Cameras/Dash Cams

View Video: Why Cameras are Good

Three camera vendors have offered discounted pricing to Crum & Forster policyholders. Please note that Crum & Forster policyholders are not obligated to use these vendors. Cameras can be a vital tool to help monitor driver activities, alert you and drivers to unsafe driving behaviors, change driver behavior through coaching and if a driver is not at fault can be used to help exonerate them. In each of the vendor options below is related information.

Lytx DriveCam

To request more information and demo, please contact:

Megan Hails
[email protected]

Rosco Vision

To request more information and demo, please contact:

Joel Catlin
[email protected]


To request more information, please contact Crum & Forster:

Todd Buechler
AVP Risk Engineering
Crum & Forster
[email protected]