JJ Keller Safety Video Resource

Crum & Forster has partnered with JJ Keller for access to many streaming safety videos covering the following main areas:

  • Driver/DOT
  • Hazmat
  • OSHA/Workplace Safety
  • Construction
  • HR & Legal

These videos must be requested. Once you are assigned, you will receive an email with a link to view the streaming video along with other supporting materials, such as an instructors guide, PowerPoint presentation, learning activities, quizzes, and various images to use in your training. The email with video link can be forwarded to all company offices or individual employees.

Please review:

For more information, questions, or request of video, contact:

Todd Buechler
Director of Risk Engineering
[email protected]

Fuel Oil Training Videos – National Oil Heat Research Alliance Developed Videos

NORA has developed a new Education Center website to obtain, technician certification, view fuel oil driver and technician training videos, and other education resources.  A couple of popular with most fuel oil operations is a video called Fuel Delivery (NORAED V3) and one for Tank Inspection Procedures (NORAED V10). You can view the videos two ways. One is by accessing the video directly from our website below or signing onto NORA’s Education Center.  What is nice about NORA’s Education Center is that the training will be documented employees training and there are quizzes as well for employees to take after watching videos.

NORA’s Education Center Login Information:

  1. https://noraweb.org/nora-education-center/
  2. Create account or log in (No fee to create account to view videos.)
  3. The tech id should be 4 numbers and first 4 letters of last name
  4. Select Online Courses
  5. Select Video

NORA Video 1, Action Response to a No Heat Call

NORA Video 2, Preventative Maintenance, Tune-Up

NORA Video 3, Fuel Delivery

NORA Video 4, Heating Oil and Our Environment

NORA Video 5, Primary Controls, Part 1

NORA Video 6, Cad Cell Relays

NORA Video 7, Microprocessor Based Primary Controls

NORA Video 8, How to Install Steel Aboveground Tanks (Residential)

NORA Video 9, How to Install Polyethylene Steel Aboveground Tanks

NORA Video 10, Tank Inspection Procedures

NORA Video 11, Residential Underground Storage Tank Testing

NORA Video 12, Aboveground Fiberglass Reinforced Aboveground Tanks

NORA Video 13, Combustion Efficiency Testing

NORA Video 17, How to Respond to a Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Safety Videos

Cargo Tank Rollover Prevention