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Safety Footwear Resource

Shoes For Crews

If you are looking for quality safety shoes at a good price, we encourage you to check out Shoes For Crews. Shoes For Crews is offering Crum & Forster policyholders quality discounted footwear for various industries to reduce slips and falls, along with other feet related accidents. Slip and falls related claims are one of the leading workers compensation claims.

Categories                     Safety Feature                         Industry
Athletic                             Slip Resistant           Food service & Restaurant
Casual                                Safety Toe                 Grocery / Supermarkets
Clogs                                   Steel Toe                             Hospitality
Dress                                Composite Toe                      Healthcare
Work boots                            Others                             Assisted Living


1. Visit Shoes For Crews

2. Fill out form and in the “Your Comments/Questions” box, type “CrumForster” to receive your discount.

For information on our products and managed safety footwear programs, contact:
Cliff Blood, VP of Business Development, at [email protected] or call 615.218.5075.

Floor Mat Resource

New Pig has a floor mat system called Pig Grippy Mat System designed to work with your current safety program to help minimize slip and trip falls, keep floors clean, and streamline your maintenance operations. Floor mats are used for a variety of locations:

  • Building Entrances
  • Self-Serve Food
  • Ice Machines
  • Fountain/Beverage Drinks
  • Produce (Wet)
  • Elevator Entrances/Exits

Webinar from New Pig
New Pig Floor Mat Webinar

New Pig Videos – Grippy Mat vs. Rental Rugs – How to Install Grippy Mats

New Pig Grippy Floor Mat Flyer

Contact Information: Please contact Stacey Sargent with New Pig, who is the account manager for Crum & Forster policyholders. She will explain their products and help you choose the proper Grippy Mat for your needs.

Stacey Sargent
Strategic Accounts Manager
office:     (814) 682-1436
email:     [email protected]  

New Pig
World’s Best Stuff for Leaks, Drips, and Spills.
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