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Trade Credit Insurance – Multibuyer

Trade Credit Insurance is underwritten on a portfolio basis for one business or financial institution with multiple commercial account debtors. This approach can be beneficial to manage credit exposure for a robust portfolio of assets and share a designated percentage of the portfolio default risk with the insurer for greater capital efficiencies and balance sheet protection.

Our highly experienced Trade Credit team is active in insuring bank-to-bank obligations, allowing the insured financial institution to increase its exposure to acceptable banks. Coverage is available for both short- and medium-term tenors.

Through our U.S. admitted Credit Insurance platform and strategic partnership with the Nexus Group, we can address a full range of credit risks in North America, as well as risk-based eligible domiciles with a focus on G-7 located exposures. To learn more, contact David Wright at [email protected].


David Wright
Head of International Credit & Political Risk, Nexus C&F
[email protected]

Ranjini Pillay
Vice President
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Trade Credit Financing Strategies

Financial institutions may leverage Trade Credit financing strategies, including, but not limited to, the confirmation and refinancing of letters of credit, bilateral trade loans, participation in international syndications and prepayment of export financing.

Trade Credit Insurance can be underwritten on private obligors, as well as public sector sovereign and non-sovereign entities.

For additional information, contact David Wright at [email protected].

Nexus C&F Strategic Partnership

The Nexus Group has a strategic partnership and deep relationship with Crum & Forster. This enables us to provide coverage for credit/political risks and international surety through Nexus C&F, serving insureds domiciled principally in the U.K. or European economic region and an MGA affiliation for multibuyer trade credit in both the U.S. and global markets. Through our partnership, Nexus C&F offers insurance policies that are typically underwritten on Nexus Group’s London-based European platforms.

Nexus C&F’s International Credit and Political Risk unit offers a full suite of insurance solutions via a binding authority writing on behalf of Hamilton Insurance DAC, whose business is reinsured 100% by U.S. Fire Insurance Company.

Nexus C&F benefits from Nexus Group’s extensive global platform infrastructure, corporate oversight and multinational relationships.

About the Nexus Group

The Nexus Group is the largest independent international specialty Managing General Agent (MGA) in the London market.

In 2020, Nexus employed over 300 professionals in nine countries, underwriting over £320 million of gross written premium in more than 15 specialty classes of business.

At the Nexus Group, perceptive underwriting is key, driven by an experienced team with dedicated expertise in specialty business classes.

To learn more about the Nexus Group and Nexus C&F, contact David Wright at [email protected].

This overview is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a representation of coverage that may exist in any particular situation under a policy issued by one of the companies within Crum & Forster. All conditions of coverage, terms and limitations are defined and provided for in the policy.