When a claim is made, Crum & Forster’s claims professionals act to protect the interests of our policyholder. Our collaborative approach maintains a constant, open line of communication. Our quality assurance commitments include:

  • A national platform that enables us to respond to our policyholders needs.
  • 24-hour claims reporting, with claim professionals on call to assist after hours and on weekends and holidays.
  • Prompt acknowledgement of claims with initial contact within one business day for primary policies.
  • Experienced claim professionals with knowledge of our policyholders’ exposure.
  • Timely, thorough investigations that focus on understanding the facts of each claim.
  • Early and ongoing claim analysis that helps lead to cost-effective outcomes.
  • Frequent communication tailored to the needs of the policyholder.

Though we focus on preventing litigation, we are prepared to aggressively defend our policyholders when warranted. Policyholders are involved in all stages of the process. Our litigation program includes:

  • A nationwide panel of qualified defense firms that have been carefully selected for their skills and knowledge of our policyholders’ business needs.
  • A comprehensive legal fee review program that maximizes policyholder value and minimizes legal expense costs.
  • The use of Alternate Dispute Resolution when possible.