Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is a crime we all pay for. It’s been called the “hidden premium” that impacts virtually every aspect of our economy. Crum & Forster has an aggressive plan that attacks insurance fraud on many fronts: detection, deterrence, awareness, and the support of tougher fines or penalties for offenders.

Crum & Forster’s Anti-Fraud Program is designed to identify and honor only valid claims, while maintaining the highest level of satisfaction for our policyholders. We maintain an in-house Special Investigations Unit (SIU) that is fully staffed with experienced investigators located strategically throughout the country. Our SIU provides front-line fraud investigation, support and training to our claim professionals, policyholders and producers. SIU Investigators work closely with law enforcement and state anti-fraud agencies, and we are a member of the National Insurance Crime Bureau, engaged in a cooperative and proactive effort to combat insurance fraud.

Workers’ Compensation Anti-Fraud Posters are available. Specifically created for Crum & Forster policyholders to post in their workplace, they help educate employees about the impact and criminality of Workers’ Compensation Fraud, and encourage them to come forward and report suspected fraud via our fraud hotline.

The fraud posters (below) are 11″ x 17 and are available in English and Spanish. They may be requested by calling our fraud hotline or by sending an email using the link below.

Fraud Posters

Available to all active policyholders.

fraud-en fraud-es

Click HERE to request a poster.

Report Fraud

Don’t pay for someone else’s crime. If you suspect an insurance claim is fraudulent, call now.

All communications are kept confidential and you can remain anonymous.

Crum & Forster Fraud Hotline

By phone: 1-866-278-6433 (toll-free)

By email: [email protected]

National Insurance Crime Bureau

By phone: 1-800-835-6422 (toll-free)

Website: click HERE