Admitted P&C

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Arkansas Non-standard Auto

Mike Alderson
Vice President
501-450-6890 | Email

Bail Bonds

Kiki Brown
Assistant Vice President
(713) 954-8386 | Email

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Benjamin Piening
Vice President
(312) 596-6686 | Email

Commercial Surety -
Small Markets

Michael Ziemer
Vice President
713-954-8353 | Email

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Contract Surety -
Middle Markets

Alfred Wright
Senior Vice President
215-982-3535 | Email

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Contract Surety -
Major Markets

Peter M. Quinn
Senior Vice President
973-490-6741 | Email

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Cyber Liability

Nick Economidis
Vice President
713-954-8114 | Email

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Main Line: 808-537-5221
From Neighbor Island (toll-free):
24 Hour Claims: 1-800-690-5520

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Inland Marine

Robert Opitz
Vice President
973-326-7303 | [email protected]


Inland Marine (Seneca)

Jessica Frankovich
Executive Vice President
312-596-6606 | Email


Labor Unions

Joanne Ricci
Vice President
(914) 418-3111 | Email

business people

Executive Lines

Leigh McMullan
Senior Vice President
212-444-4029 | Email


Risk Management

Dave Ghezzi
Senior Vice President
973-490-6977 | Email

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Specialty Package (Seneca)

Keith McCarthy
Executive Vice President & Chief Underwriting Officer
212-344-3000 | Email


Umbrella & Excess

Susan Rutkowski
Senior Vice President
973-490-6756 | Email

side of building with fire escapes

Vacant Property

Tom Diaczynsky
Senior Vice President
(856) 273-5880 | Email